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Global Baseball Association

New World Basketball Association (NWBA)
Global Baseball Association
Diamond Dreams
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The Global Baseball Association is a computer simulation baseball league that uses the SOM CD version. We just completed our 18th year in 2009 and are looking forward to an exciting year next spring. We draft non-carded players (future big leaguers). Many of the members have been in the league for over 16 years. We have career stats for all the players and teams. Our teams are linked with their Major League organization in order to protect future players from that organization.


Quote by Todd Zeile: "I hear a player say, How can I be paid $5 million less than player B?" My response to this is, "How can you make $11 million more than Willie Mays?"



2010 stats and standings thru August

The Twins win their first GBA World Series
Congratulations to Harlan!

2009 Draft results

Baseball America's Top 100 Prospects since 1990

Current rosters

By Laws


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email the commish We don't have any teams available but would be glad to put your name on a list if a team becomes available or we expand

Past History of the GBA

All Time Batting Leaders

All Time Pitching Leaders

Check out the history of the franchises updated thru 2009

Newspaper quick view of past seasons

Pitcher Career Stats

Team History by wins, loses and other stats

Team Records (ignore LA 91 and SD 94)

Draft history each year by owner last updated in 2000

Manager's win-lose percentage/ Teams W-L Percentage

Franchise wins by manager

Link to Player's photos

How to use Bullpen management

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