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New World Basketball Association


By-laws and start up


1.      Purpose- The New World Basketball Association will be made up of 16 or 20 teams using NBA names and nicknames.  The league will use the latest version Action Sports Basketball computer game.  The “Projected League” file for the future season will be used.  The reason is that rookies will be available from the last NBA draft.  This gives the league members a futuristic look instead of just playing with last year’s stats.

  1. League Structure
    1. 16 or 20 teams will be divided into 4 divisions, 2 divisions per league.
    2. The initial draft will have each team protecting 4 players from the final roster of their NBA team.  The rest of the players will be released into the draft pool.
    3. The initial draft order will be in order of the salary total of the 4 players protected- low to high.
    4. The schedule will be 80 games (20 team league) or 64 games for a 16 team league.  Each team will play their AWAY games.  If the schedule is 64 games, players can play 90% of their actual NBA minutes, otherwise 110%.
    5. Depth charts are mandatory and if a team doesn’t supply one or doesn’t play their games during the month, they cannot make any player moves.
    6. Play-offs

                                                               i.      The 4 division winners will make the play-offs and be seated 1-4.

                                                             ii.      2 wildcard team from each of 2 league will be seated 5-8.

                                                            iii.      Each series will be a 2-3-2 format

    1. Rosters

                                                               i.      Max of 15 players

                                                             ii.      Minimum of 12 players

iii.                  Team need a minimum minutes of 240*#games

iv.                 There will be a salary cap but since Action Sports hasn’t defined the salary part of the game yet, this will be determined later.

iv.                 Players picked up after the first month of the season will have to be released at the end of the season.

    1. Financial system

                                                               i.      Salary cap will be determined

                                                             ii.      A player keeps the salary he is drafted at.  This means that when you draft a player or pick up a player on waivers, he has the salary that the game projects for him.  If he is released, his salary becomes the salary of that season’s disk until released.

    1. Draft

                                                               i.      A lottery will determine the order of non-play-off teams.  Win-loss records will slot the play-off teams.

                                                             ii.      Any player on the disk who is not on a NWBA roster can be drafted or picked up on waivers