MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Location: file:///C:/2288AEED/Interesting.htm.htm Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Content-Type: text/html; charset="us-ascii" One thing that is interesting about a league that is 18 years old is looking at the Lifetime stats
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One thing that is interesting about a league that is 18 years old is looking at the Lifetime stats.  When looking at the batting stats,= there are 29 hitters with more than 1000 career ABs, among them are some of my favorite Rockies- Holiday, Helton, Bichette, Walker and Galarraga.  Also some of the old-timers include:  Gwynn, Kruk, Edgar Martinez, Bip Roberts, Hal Morris, Daryl Hamilton (?), Paul Molitor, Jim Eisenreich, Wade Boggs, Rusty Greer and Kirby Puckett. 

Slugging- McGwire leads Bonds .664 to .656

Games played- Vizquel keeps going and Sheffield is sti= ll around. 

Hits- A-Rod is in first and going strong.  2B-Kent and Luis Gonzalez have ret= ired but I-Rod is probably too far behind to catch them, maybe Manny…

3B- Lofton is 24 above everyone.

HR- Bonds hit an amazing 740 but A-Rod is only 81 behind.  20 players have hit m= ore than 400.

HR%- McGwire is way above Bonds but Ryan Howard, A-Rod= and Carlos Pena are impressive.

EX base hits- A-Rod is only 99 behind Bonds.  RBIs-A-Rod again as he passed Bond= s this year.

BB- Bonds way ahead +489 over some retired guys.  SB- Lofton was the speedest guy in= the GBA.

K- Thome and a host of others way above Bonds at #26.<= /p>


W%- Pedro has passed Jimmy Key with Peavy, Santan, Chr= is Young and a lot of other great pitchers.

ERA- Jose Rijo is the only one under 3.  G- Hoffman is 46 over Mike Timlin = and 94 over Todd Jones

IP- Maddux had 4368!&= nbsp; K- Randy Johnson is almost 1000 more than Clemens who is #2 and he a= lso tops in walks and wins (293) so it is unlikely that anyone will have 300 so= on.

Saves- Rivera has 67 more than Hoffman