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2004 Trades
1. Mets traded Jose Cruz Jr. to Braves for Joe Crede
2. Twins traded Olerud and Kielty to Atlanta for Wainswright and Simon
3. Orioles traded Jason Schmidt and LeTroy Hawkins to Twins for Al Leiter, Hidecki Matsui and #2 overall pick in the draft
4. Tigers traded Ramon Ortiz and Jose Hernandez to Dodgers for #1
5. Cubs traded Beltre to Red Sox for Belliard
6. Orioles traded Roberto Alomar,Bradford and 2004 #4  to Mets for John Thompson and Jeff Suppan
7. Blue Jays traded Damon to Marlins for Borowski
8. Blue Jays traded Alex Gonzalez and Juan Cruz to Tigers for Runel Hernandez, Kurt Ainsworth and #6
9. Twins traded Todd Walker to Cleveland for #2 (2005)
10. Rockies traded Tony Batista, Isringhausen and Jose Jimenez to St. Louis for Jay Gibbons and #4
11. Baltimore traded Josh Towers to Boston for #4 (2005)
12. Florida traded Jorge Lulio to Mets for #2 (2005)
13. Boston Red Sox send Richard Hidalgo and Chris Reitsma to the Atlanta Braves for Dimitri Young, Mark Buehrle and Andy Marte
14. Toronto traded Carlos Guillen to Cleveland for #3 (2005)
15. Phillies traded Moyer and S. Alomar to Atlanta for Armas and #1 (2005)
16. Marlins traded Edgar Martinez to Red Sox for Kenny Rogers
17. Jays trade Williams,J. and #1 to Red Sox for Buehrle and Adams
18. Rockies traded Travis Haftner and Cust to Tigers for Jeff Cirillo and Xavier Nady
19. Tigers trade Juan Uribe to Indians for #5 (2004)
20. Blue Jays trade May and Izturis to Giants for Lawrence
21. Angels traded #6 in 2004 to Tigers for #5 in 2005
22. Astros traded Raul Ibanez to Jays for #2 and 5 in 2005
23. Jays traded Brunitz to Cardinals for Nix
24. Astros traded Nevin to Braves for #3
25. Jays trade Cintron, Everett and Mench to Giants for Sosa, Izturis, Bonser and #4 (2005)
26. Giants trade Sexson & Carl Everett to Atlanta for Jose Cruz Jr, Olerud and #2 (2005)
27. Tigers trade Alfonzo, Shawn Green, Spivey and Hafner to Reds for Catalanno, Travis Lee and Aaron Boone.
28. Angels trade J.D. Drew, Francis Rodgiuez, Jenks and #1 to Royals for Thome and Borowski